Can i still become a nurse with a biology major?

Question by =]: Can i still become a nurse with a biology major?
the college that i am currently at doesnt have a nursing major, so im doing biology. im thinking about becoming a nurse anesthesiologist and iknow you have to be a registered nurse first. but i just wanna know what i can do after i get my degree in biology?

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Answer by Klondike
I believe a nurse is a vocational degree.
Which means you can hitch it along in a 2 year college.

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  1. Paul says:

    In many countries you can do a post grad in nursing with any undergrad whatsoever. ( although it’s a long post grad – 4-5 years to become an RN, including your Bsc time ( not sure if Bsc in America is 3 or 4 years )

    In others specific undergrads are required( Biology being one of them ) to do a shorter post grad ( 1-2 years to become an LPN ) In extreme cases, very specific undergrads are all the shorter post-grad places are reserved for( especially for RN courses ), such as biology/chemistry double majors. To become a CNA you can go straight outta highschool and go into a 1-2 year further education course. but to be frank, With a Bsc in biology, being a CNA is already beneath you, and would take a couple weeks to get.

    Look up the requirements in the college you plan on studying nursing in. They’ll probably be happy to tell you about the options availible. Community colleges will allow you to study to become CNA and possibly LPN, but for RN you’ll have to go to a university.

    But, to answer your question yes, in all likelyhood, doing a post-graduate course in nursing once you get a Bsc would be very possible, most people who do post-grad go on to be an RN, undergrad degrees are suited to LPN, and as i said, you’re past CNA at this point.


    Sorry, i just skimmed your question, To become an anesthesiologist you will have to study medicine, not nursing.
    A doctorate or an MD will absolutely be required. ( unless you’re a Filipino? ) Anesthesiology is a specialization on the path to getting your MD, NOT an extension of a nursing degree.

    Although, medicine is also available as a post grad. I know in my university A Bsc in biology or chemistry enables you to jump straight into second year in most Undergrad medicine programs, so the path you’ve chosen would only add 2 years to get your MD + if you specialize in anesthesiology.

    I also realize that may have been complicated. to simplify it:

    R.N ( registerd nurse) > LPN( licensed practicing nurse) > CNA ( certified nursing assistant.

    medschool(4-5 years) -> specialization (1 year) -> MD/docterate

    Bsc ( 3-4 years ) -> medschool ( 3-4 years ) -> specialization ( 1 year ) -> MD

  2. Batey says:

    Yes you can because nursing is the field of medicine and biology.

  3. Lori says:

    Yes. If you are aiming to be a CRNA you would need to get a 4 year BSN and at least 2 years of critical care nursing experience before you could apply to the CRNA Masters program.

    I think the term you are looking for is nurse anesthetist. An anesthesiologist is an MD.

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