Do mental health nurses sometimes do ordinary nurse jobs?

Question by Emo Princess: Do mental health nurses sometimes do ordinary nurse jobs?
I know mental health nurses are different, but do they sometimes have to carry our ordinary nursing tasks, as they both require the Common Foundation Programme. I’m really interested in the mond and mental health, but I also like the general nursing side.
If they do normal nursing tasks, what do they do?
Do they do any procedures that Adult nurses would do, eg sutring,administering drugs via cannula etc
Would i be quailfied to specialise in something like sexual health at a later date if i do Mental Health?

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Answer by Steffie
Nurses wear many hats in their positions. Meeting the individual care plan need of patients would require all tasks. There is no cookie cutter for patient care all levels of physical abilities and cognitive function. The level of “ordinary” care would depend on the patient load.

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  1. Nathanael says:

    You will have to administer medications, be sure the patients take their medicines, give them shots if needed. You will have to chart on what you do for them and their progress or lack thereof. They sometimes get physically ill like the rest of us, so you must take care of their needs there too. At times they have wounds that need dressing and dressing changes. You will help them by keeping them aware of the world around them, the date, where they are, even who they are at times. You will derive a great deal of satisfaction seeing someone you have cared for resume a normal life. But if you just take a general nursing degree you will find yourself using most of your skills in a mental health setting sooner or later. I am a nurse and I love my job, more guys should try it.

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