How many years of school do u need to become a registered nurse?

Question by meggy: How many years of school do u need to become a registered nurse?
Im doing a project for school and I have to interview somebody who is a nurse. Problem is I dont know anybody who is a nurse. So my teacher said I can use yahoo answers.

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Answer by A
Depends…for your Associates degree it’s 2 years. For Bachelor’s-4. Honestly, the pay is the same, as long as your an RN!

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  1. Min says:

    To become an RN you can get a 2-year degree in nursing, a 4-year degree in nursing (this will allow you to move onto grad school if you wish), or a diploma from an approved nursing program at a hospital, vocational school, etc.

  2. mikki says:

    it depends on the college you are going into. at one college i applied to i would have been done in 4 years. but in another college i would have to take two years of pre requisite courses and then apply to the actual college of nursing and that would take 4 years. sometimes you can get a bachelor’s in something like biology and then just do an accelerated 2 year program to become a RN.

  3. cassie says:

    If you are talking about high school then I am pretty sure you would have to do the whole 5.

  4. Shannon RN, BSN says:

    I will just expand on what everybody has said.

    An associates degree is a 2 year degree at a community college. Remember though, you will need prerequisite classes such as chemistry and math. Those alone could take you close to 2 years if you have no previous college education.

    A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is from a traditional 4 year college. You will still take 2 year of prerequisite classes. In addition to the maths and sciences, you will take courses required by that specific university to get a degree such as arts appreciation or foreign language. Then you apply to the college of nursing within that university.

    Both of these types of education require the individual to pass the NCLEX-RN after school. (kind of like the BAR for lawyers) Then both are called Registered Nurses.

    The advantage to a BSN is that you can go on to get your master in nursing later. Also management positions within the hospital usually require you to either have your BSN, or be getting it.

    There are also LPN nurses that take the NCLEX-LPN after going to a program through a hospital that is usually a year to a year and a half of education. LPNs legally cannot do as much as RNs and usually get paid less. Advancement past bedside patient care is very difficult.

    All nurses have to be licensed by their state board of nursing and renew that every 2 to 4 years (depending on the state). Most states require nurses to attend continuing education classes between renewals to stay on top of new information.

    Good Luck on your project

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