How often should you let 1-2 week old puppies nurse and how long should it take?

Question by mtown: How often should you let 1-2 week old puppies nurse and how long should it take?
My first litter. They eat plenty but they will nurse on her for an hour if I let them. It makes me wonder if she is running on empty or does it really take them that long to feed.

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Answer by willow ♀ AKC Aussies due 10/22
You let them eat until they are full. In the wild, feral dogs don’t have someone to “time” them when they eat.

What did your breeding mentor say? I hope you have one.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Don’t interfere. Puppies eat when they’re hungry and Mom is there with them to make it possible. She will produce what milk they need as long as you feed her enough. They may appear to be nursing, but it is not uncommon for pups to fall asleep on the nipple.

    When they are about a month old, you can start providing them with meat; just pull off the skin and slash at the meat on a raw chicken breast and toss it in among the pups and watch them worry it and tear off chunks. They’ll have a ball, and then they’ll sleep very well.

    By the time they are eight weeks old they’ll be eating meat almost exclusively, and Mom’s milk will be drying up. Just monitor, don’t intervene unless something’s not working. If you aren’t sure, call your vet.

  2. Cris says:

    you let them eat all they want, they know when there full, had 4 litters of puppies

  3. Joy says:

    they have tiny stomachs so they need to eat often just like human babies and then “go” often too so make sure you change the newspaper or if you are using breeding pen or at least keep the place SUPER CLEAN and don’t use soap or anything like that, just use water and vinegar mix 1 part of vinegar to 10 part water to clean the place and let the pups eat as much as they can this stage is SUPER IMPORTANT for them to grow and get the antibiotics they NEED to survive. For her, you need to ensure she gets enough nutrients, so you will need to feed her very often as long as she eats, let her eat.

    For my girl, we made her broiled chicken meal, broiled chicken soup, broiled beef, broiled beef soup, rice and multi vitamins as she LOSE OUT A LOT OF CALCIUM, I mean A LOT.

    Let them nurse until about 6 weeks and then start them on high protein puppy food, grind it all up with a coffee grinder until powdery like and let them eat as much as possible, so basically

    let your girl eat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND VERY NUTRITIOUS food and the pup to nurse as long as they need to and check to make sure ALL PUPS GET TO NURSE coz there are always stronger ones that are the bully and the weaker one that doesn’t get quite the chance to nurse and them those ones um…. ya in extreme case suffer…….

  4. jjkk says:

    let them eat for at least 10-15 every 2-3 hours. When they are full they will back off and more than likely fall asleep.if you have anymore questions please email me and i will help you all thatt i can. goodluck.

  5. JenVT says:

    They eat until they are full. If they cry and fuss then they are not getting enough to eat and you shold supplement them. Otherwise, leave them be.

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