Jobs Q&A: What are some laid back medical field jobs with good salaries?

Question by P: What are some laid back medical field jobs with good salaries?
I’m researching the different jobs in the medical field. I’m not interested in becoming a nurse or PT or any type of assistant. I’m looking for a job that is not too time consuming so that after med school and when I have an established family, I can actually spend time with them… something like an optometrist. I don’t mind spending time in school, and I do well enough in school, so i don’t mind hard work in school.

How is is x-ray or anesthesiology?… Any suggestions would be great!

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Answer by EJ
The only job in the medical field that is not completely stressful is in the file room of a hospital. There are still some hospitals that are not completely electronic yet. Please be aware that EVERY job in the medical field is very stressful at least part of the time and there is a lot of work to do. Optometry is really laid back, right up until the kid comes into your office who just got out of the hospital because they eyeball was shot with a bb and had to be sliced open so now they need glasses. Every field in the medical profession has some kind of crisis every day. It’s not the stress that will get you, it is how you deal with the stress.

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  1. Homegirl says:

    Have you considered a work at home job in medical transcription? The pay is great and job a plenty and you have plenty of time w/ family. Also medical coding and billing are good career choices.

    If you want to do hands on patient care- then a 2 year RN, respiratory therapist, and yes radiology tech but all of these can easily requrire a lot of work hours. If you want home time w/ family, I highly recommend MT. In fact, I am an MT : )

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