What can you do after getting a pre nursing degree at a community college?

Question by Quinnisqueen: What can you do after getting a pre nursing degree at a community college?
How does it all work? I am confused about the types of nurses and the degree and pay that goes with them. I am currently taking classes for a pre nursing degree and I plan on transferring to a university. What kind of job can I get with a pre nursing degree?

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Answer by dancing_smurf
In all honesty a pre-nursing degree is meant to give you a foundation in the general requirements for nursing. it is only called pre-nursing because the courses generally transfer into a nursing program. The degree does not open career prospects, you cannot work as a nurse with a pre-nursing degree, and you cannot be trained on the job with it. Only thing you can do with it is transfer to a nursing program.

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  1. OrangeKitten says:

    None, other than jobs totally unrelated such as in retail, food service, etc. The coursework you took simply prepares you by having taken the necessary prereqs for a nursing program. Your next step is to apply to a nursing program at a university (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). Make sure you apply in a timely manner as these programs have strict cut-offs and so if you don’t want discontinuity in your education, do not apply too late.

  2. ahottmess says:

    A prenursing degree allows for you to earn the required course work before entering a BSN program at a university.

    Most jobs health-care related will require you to get some sort of certification, at best you could test to become a CNA. Some doctor’s office’s might hire you as receptionist but they usually prefer Medical Assistants.

    If you looking to have a job while going to nursing school, I suggest you get certified as CNA, not only will you earn money but you will learn about nursing especially if you work at a hospital and some of that experience will become invaluable during your education.

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