What do I do about my puppies, their Mom refuses to nurse them?

Question by godsarmy1984: What do I do about my puppies, their Mom refuses to nurse them?
I have a dog and she had nine puppies a month ago and just in the last few days she has decided to stop feeding them or paying them any attention. I know they need to still nurse from her but she won’t, so what can I do to feed them. We don’t have the money to get the puppy milk, so what else can we do to feed them?

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  1. Marissa K says:

    call your vet. this is urgent

  2. Adam B says:

    Give them up!

  3. shalem o says:


  4. Rayven-Fried Sea Kittens Anyone? says:

    At four weeks of age they need to start getting moistened puppy food. Mom is starting to wean them.

  5. Larry C says:


  6. naldo says:

    hold down the mother with a collopr and real short leash

  7. Joanna L says:


  8. Blackhawks RULE!! says:

    I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to breast feed them.

  9. Gwen T says:

    there rejects hah

  10. oreopuppy says:

    thats a tough one.. as much as im sure you waant them. the best thing to do would be to surrender them. i am sure you won’t want to have 10 dogs in your house. if you want them to live call the spca.

  11. Brittni N says:

    see if you can maker her sometimes they get sore . you may just need to lay her down when theyre nursing and comfort her

  12. zyann0102 says:

    do you have regular milk in your home? This could work just fine, if you don’t have that then maybe put some change together and go buy some powdered milk, it’s cheap and will help the puppy survive

  13. lilly says:

    you buy this powdered you mix it with the stuff it says to and give it to them

  14. G-Lop says:

    Eat them.

    No sorry, um contact your local human league. This is something too serious for you to try to do yourself. They will need constant attention, they will help you find the right products or send someone to help you out. They might even take them off your hands and allow you to take them back when they get older (if you want). Don’t try to do this all by yourself, and please don’t allow yahoo answers to be your only source on how to care for these pups. Research by calling animal shelters, humane leagues, vets, and last but not least ORCA.

  15. Jules The Muse says:

    You may have to tie the mother down just to get the puppies to nurse or just buy baby formula and hand-feed each one. You don’t have to get “puppy milk” – formula (which is not that expensive) works just fine.

  16. myownpallbearer says:



    Those are both links for recipes for puppy milk… it’s cheaper than puppy milk. You should have to nurse them for another 4 weeks if they’re a month old to keep them healthy and strong. Puppies, at the earliest, should be weaned at 8 weeks. 10-12 weeks is preferable.

    DO NOT GIVE THEM REGULAR MILK! Most dogs and cats are actually lactose intolerant / their stomachs cannot handle cow’s milk. Occasionally they can handle goat’s milk.

  17. Hannah J says:

    Maybe you should try asking a vet.I love animals,so I think you should act like a mother to them,and try to get the mom to squirt milk in a bottle.Good luck!!!!!!

  18. chibi092 says:

    Your dog has probably started to ween them. What you can do is start them on dry puppy food and mix it with warm water… so it’ll almost be like thick oatmeal. Also give them fresh water when you start feeding them. Do this 4 or 5 times a day

  19. carmelcocolatte says:

    I would give the pups to a shelter as well. because without that milk they will surely perish. Have you waited til the mother was sleep to try and let them feed?

  20. Bonzie12 says:

    Get some puppy formula and start bottle feeding them if necessary. Or try giving them puppy food watered down into mush and see if they will eat it. If you didn’t have the money to raise puppies why did you let your dog get pregnant. That is not an excuse now. Go borrow some money or use a credit card, but you need to tend to these animals you left your dog bring into this world. They are your responsibility and you need to care for them. If you can’t afford the formula then turn the pups into the humane society so they can be cared for. Please have your dog spayed so this doesn’t happen again. Ask the humane society where you can go that do low cost neutering.

  21. Blaaah says:

    The best thing you could do for the puppies is take them to a shelter. They will give them to a great foster family who has the money and time to feed them puppy formula every four hours. Without the puppy milk they will die quickly. Dont give them cow milk! It will kill them. Goat milk is bad too. The only thing that works is puppy formula and they need to be fed every four hours all day and even through the night. Please take them to a shelter. They will be able to get a great home. Also, the Humane society will help you get your dog spayed for little money so this doesnt happen again. Too many dogs are put to sleep every day in shelters for inexperienced people to be breeding. Good Luck!
    “Dont Breed or Buy While Shelter Dogs Die!”

  22. Oh, with pickles then? says:

    This is why pets need spayed and neutered. If this was intentional then it serves you right because these are things you find out BEFORE breeding the dog.

  23. PumperNickel says:

    Of course you have the money to get puppy milk… it’s NOT that expensive.

  24. ran says:

    use a milk powder and feed them like a baby, then try to feed them with moisten food once in a while.

    Hope this help.

  25. The Spaniard says:

    Our puppies usually begin to wean themselves by the end of the first month… we like to use a mix of Lactaid and puppy milk, since the puppies seem to like that a lot, and the mix is cheaper then just straight puppy milk from the store. Since that may not be an option for you, maybe try a mix of hard puppy food and a little bit of warm water to soften it up a bit. The texture usually helps them to get an appetite for the mix, and the puppy chow will supply them with essential nutrients. But that’s just a suggestion… Good luck!

  26. frances F says:

    try to by the h2o bottels and a small nippel

  27. Riley S says:

    Okay, guys. This is a QUESTION. Stop harassing him about what he did; what is done is done. WE just need to HELP him.

    What’d I’d do is try to bottle feed them. Find a recipe and follow it EXACTLY for puppy milk, then feed them one by one. If you can’t do that, then I would (sadly) surrender the dogs.

  28. Kristina S says:

    here are some of the things that i would do to help the puppies

    well you can,
    -take them to the vet
    -use real milk and warm it in the microwave
    -try to lay the mother down and put the puppies to her stomach
    -*?you can feed them warmed food out of the can?*-try i do not know if that will work though.

    Hope that i helped you!*
    umm.. that is all that i can think of right now but that is the stuff that i would try to do and then the last thing that you should do if none of those work you can take them to the vet for a checkup.

  29. Ashley says:

    around this time mom is starting to wean them off of her milk. the best possible thing to give them is puppy milk which u can buy at a pet center VERY cheap. its only like 4 bucks for a small carton. but since u say u cant afford it the only thing i can tell u to do is get a small bag of puppy dog food, not regular adult food. the puppy formula has added nutrients that they need and wont get with standard dog food. take a cup or two, moisten it with water and encourage the puppies to start eating. also begin getting them used to water if they will drink it. this will take some of the stress off mom. also, start separating the mother for a little while. they have teeth and sharp claws now, and are using both when nursing so im sure its getting very uncomfortable for the mother. if u start to seperate the mother from the pups for little bits at a time she will be more likely to tend to them rather than having them harrassing her all the time. hope it helps.

  30. Lewys says:

    she is weaning them don’t worry this is fine. she will snap at them when they try and nurse but this is normal.

    just start giving them water and food they will be fine. they probably have been eating moms food on the side for a while if you feed her in the same room. if you don’t feel comfortable with just water you can get some evaporated milk or goats milk for them to supplement. this is the closest thing to moms milk. both can be bought in the baking dept. at the store.

    I don’t suggest regular cows milk unless it is fresh and not store bought as it can give them the runs. good luck

    you also need to start them on hard puppy food not soft as the soft is not good for their teeth.

  31. lilydog says:

    First of all – These people answering you are rejects from the human race A lot of people have really big mouths sitting behind their keyboards. They have no friends, hmmmmm – I wonder why???

    Your dog is starting to wean the puppies, nine is a lot but she still should be feeding them to supplement the canned puppy food that you are giving them.
    As puppies get older they become more exuberant feeders scratching with their claws and biting the mother as they feed, therefore the mother doesn’t want to feed as much.
    Try coercing the mother to lie down with only a couple of pups at a time and see if that works.
    Definitely buy puppy food. Also a bit of warmed milk with bread in it or plain baby pablum. They need nourishment or they will die. If you can’t get them to eat and the mother still refuses to feed, contact your local humane society for help. Four weeks is too early to be away from mom, but if it makes the difference between living or dying…….
    Good Luck

  32. Ocimom says:

    You cannot give them cow’s milk. It will make them sick. You need special formula.

    Take mom in to be spayed now. The puppies will have to be bottle feed for a few more weeks before you can wean them.

    If for some reason you can not obtain puppy milk replacement you can mix a formula. It consists of one-half cup evaporated whole milk, one half cup boiled water, one teaspoon full of corn oil, one drop of pediatric multivitamin (Visorbin or equivalent), two raw egg yolks and a tablespoon full of plain whole yogurt. For some reason, formulas based on evaporated milk cause less diarrhea and indigestion than those based on fresh cow’s milk. Adding a quarter of a lactase tablet to each batch of formula helps the puppy digest the large amount of lactose present in cow’s milk.

    Bottle Feeding:
    Mix milk formula just before using it. A good puppy-nursing bottle holds 2-4 ounces of formula. They are generally sold without holes punched in the nipple. Use a flame-heated needle to melt two small holes in the latex cap. The holes should only be big enough for a few drops of milk drip out when the bottle is vigorously shaken. If too many holes are punched in the cap the puppies tend to inhale the formula rather than ingest it. If too few or too small a hole is made the puppy will ingest too much air. Mix the formula well so there are no clumps. Let it cool until it is slightly above room temperature. Always feed pups while they are resting on their stomachs. Never feed them upright or upside down as you would a human infant. Gently insert the nipple into the pup’s mouth using a prying motion while you apply pressure to the sides of the bottle to release a drop or two of milk. From then on the pup should suck on its own.

    We all have a tendency to over feed puppies. It is much safer to give them a little less than they desire. Over-feeding can lead to pneumonia when milk is inhaled into the lungs rather then swallowed into the stomach. It can also cause diarrhea. It is much safer to feed smaller amounts more frequently than larger amounts less frequently. If milk bubbles out of the pup’s nose it is flowing too rapidly from the bottle. This is usually due to too large a hole(s) in the nipple or over feeding. I microwave a bowl of water and set the bottle in it to heat the formula to 99-100 degrees Fahrenheit before use.

    Some owners find it easier to feed very small newborn pups from a one or three milliliter syringe and switch to a bottle when the pup is two weeks old.

    How Much To Feed:
    The two powdered formulas I suggested contain about one calorie per milliliter when reconstituted at one part formula to two parts water. With either of these products, each day the average puppy needs 25-35 milliliters of formula for every 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of body weight. Divide this number by the number of feedings per day to obtain the amount for each feeding. During week two, give 15-20 ml for every 100 grams body weight. During weeks three and four give 20 ml for every 100 grams body weight. These amounts are always only a rough estimate. Feed the puppy until its belly is gently rounded or pear-shaped.

    How Often To Feed:
    Feed very young puppies every three or four hours or six to eight feeding a day. Some people get up to give their puppy a midnight feeding but this is not necessary. By the time the puppy is three weeks old, four feedings per day are quite sufficient. At five weeks of age the puppy should be eating some solid foods. At this age feed it two to three times a day if at all. Puppies that are hungry and need feeding will cry continuously, move their heads from side to side and suckle on each other and on objects in the nest box.

  33. Jeri G says:

    get a blender, take the puppy chow you should have around for the mother she should be eating puppy chow. put the dry chow in the blender and blend it until its a powderish type substance. since she had 9 pups she is probably a larger breed dog so use about 3 cups of dry food. then 3 cups of hot water and mix it in a large bowl, let it cool down until luke warm by placing it in a cookie sheet. when it is cool enough bring the pups over to the sheet.. away from the mother (she will eat it) then shove their faces towards it. they will suck it up and it wont be hard for them to digest either. do this 2 times per day. the mother probably has no milk left and is refusing to feed them because of this. 9 pups is alot to feed. she will need some raw eggs and give her a cup of homogenized milk as well one time per day not more then one time you will give her diarreah. this will help her with milk production also check her teats to make sure they are not inflammed and swollen. you can tell if they are inflammed by the colour if they are red and hard and feel hot to the touch then she probably has mastitis and she should be seen by the vet asap. hope this helps

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